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a musical comedy with book, music & lyrics by Robert John Ford

Thank you for your interest in the casting process for CYCLEPATHS.  Please read the following information; then, if you are still interested in being considered and can make the time commitment, click on the "Submissions" link at the bottom of this page. 


CYCLEPATHS (an acronym for Crazy Youngish Cycling-Loving Extroverts Pedaling Across The Hawkeye State) is a new one-hour musical comedy that tells the saga of a hipster couple from Brooklyn who falsely believes a tandem-bike journey as part of RAGBRAI - the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa - will be a relaxing, carefree summer vacation.  Directed by Craig Petersen and featuring a cast of four (2 male-identifying and 2 female-identifying), the show consists of twelve songs, each one focusing on a specific aspect of the ride, such as the delusions, the host towns, the weather, the food, the debauchery, the locals, and the exhaustion.  To read the script, click HERE.


CYCLEPATHS will be presented as part of the 2023 Summer House Party Tour.  This tour was created during the pandemic - at a time when audiences could not go to the theater to see a show, a show was brought directly to audiences in their own backyards.  The same formula will be followed this summer, bringing the show to backyards in the Des Moines area PLUS at least one performance at a venue along this year's RAGBRAI route as part of its 50th-anniversary celebration.  

SCHEDULE UPDATE (as of March 7, 2023):  

We now plan to perform only during a 10-day period in July (rather than possibly throughout the entire month and into early August as previously proposed).  It will be a mix of private and public performances at some notable venues.  Here is the TENTATIVE new schedule:

  • Friday, July 21 (1 private backyard performance)

  • Saturday, July 22 (1 or 2 private backyard performances)

  • Sunday, July 23 (1 or 2 private backyard performances)

  • Tuesday, July 25 (2 public performances on the RAGBRAI route at CY Stephens Auditorium in Ames) 

  • Thursday, July 27 (2 public performances on the RAGBRAI route at the Weiting Theatre & Opera House in Toledo)

  • Friday, July 28 (1 private backyard performance)

  • Saturday, July 29 (1 or 2 private backyard performances)

  • Sunday, July 30 (1 or 2 public performances on the lawn of Hoyt Sherman Place)

Rehearsals (1-2 per week) would begin in April and be scheduled based on actors' availability and conflicts.  For those of you interested in auditioning for other summer shows in the area, these new performance dates come after most of those show runs have ended, so we're open to working around potential rehearsal conflicts should you wish to audition for and/or get cast in those shows. 



At this stage, we are simply gauging who might be interested and their availability for performances; auditions will be held as needed.  To be considered, actors would need to commit to a final proposed performance schedule by mid-March, which would include at least one performance date during the week of RAGBRAI along the route.   All actors will be paid a small fee for each performance.

If interested in being considered or learning more, please complete this form: SUBMISSIONS

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