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"Rolf(e) - The Musical" - Book, Music & Lyrics by Robert John Ford


You know him as the villain from "The Sound Of Music," but how did a gazebo-dancing messenger boy become a member of the Nazi Youth movement during one fateful summer?  And exactly how do you spell his name? "Rolf(e)" tells the hilarious back-story of a misunderstood teenager and unheralded hero who would do anything for love.  Combining music in the style of Rodgers & Hammerstein, the teen angst of “Spring Awakening,” the laughs of “The Book of Mormon,” and the bawdiness of “Cabaret,” “Rolf(e)” is a musical for the entire family... assuming the kids in the family have already figured out how to bypass any parental controls on their TVs and devices.  

 Script Sample - 30 Pages

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Songs included:

Song #1 - "The Ballade of Rolf(e), Part 1"

Song #2 - "A Bigger Part"

Song #4 - "What Are We Gonna Do About Rolf(e)?"

Song #5 - "A Bigger Part (Reprise) / Occupied (Intro)"

Song #6 - "Occupied"

Song #7 - "Diesel, I Think"

Song #9 - "I'm Open To Suggestions"

Song #12 - "You Don't Say No"

Song #13 - "A Man In A Uniform"

Song #14 - "The Lusty Milkmaid"

Song #15 - "Dressing Down Diesel"

Song #16 - "Find Another Way"

Song #17 - "The Ballade of Rolf(e), Part 2"

Song #18 - "I Never Knew"

Song #19 - "A Bigger Part (Reprise)"

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