Songs From Musicals

"Ahead Of Our Time" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"Another Slow Day" from “The World’s Largest Aluminum Foil Ball”

"Anything For A Vote" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"(The) Ballad of Rolf(e), Parts 1 & 2" from “Rolf(e)”

"(The) Ballad of The Ball, Parts 1 & 2" from “The World’s Largest Aluminum Foil Ball”

"(A) Bigger Part from “Rolf(e)”

"Contradictions" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"Devine Intervention" from “Outside The Box”

"Diesel, I Think" from “Rolf(e)”

"Do The Beanwalk/Detasseling" from “Utopia” 2010, 2011

"Edmund High School Fight Song" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"Entr'acte" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"Ev'ry Day's A Win" from “Clean Up”

"Female Problems" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"(The) Final Solution" from “Rolf(e)”

"Finale" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"Get Off Your Sorry Ass And Vote" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"Gone Forevermore/Edmund School Song" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"Goodbye, Good Luck, Good Riddance" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"Halliday, Goldman, Jensen, and Tate" & Reprise from “Caucus! The Musical”

"(The) Hardest Part of Love" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"(The) Horny Milkmaid" from “Rolf(e)”

"Hy-Vee Bag Boy" from “Utopia” 2010, 2011, 2015

"I Declare" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"I Need That Man" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"I'm Open To Suggestions" from “Rolf(e)”

"It's Time To Go To Iowa" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"Jackie's Vision" from “Outside The Box”

"Joe, Ray, Me" from “Rolf(e)”

"Just Seventeen" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"(The) King of Horror" from “Utopia” 2010, 2011, 2015

"Kitschy Road Trip" from “The World’s Largest Aluminum Foil Ball”

"Keep 'Em Guessing" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"(A) Little Bit Of Heaven (The Pageant Song)" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical”   

"(The) Man Before You Now" from “Clean Up”

"(A) Man Passes On" from “Outside The Box”

"(The) 'Me' And The 'I' In America" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"No Comment" from “Clean Up”

"(The) Not-So-Secret Of Our Success" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"Notice Me" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"Occupied" from “Rolf(e)”

"On Saturday Morning" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical”

"One Defining Moment" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"One Happy Family" & "Reprise" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"One Of Those Women" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"Overexposed (The Shawn Johnson Song)" from “Utopia” 2010

"Overhyped (The Weather Report)" from “Utopia” 2011

"Overture" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"Paris Of The Plains" from “Utopia” 2010, 2011

"Patriot Act" from “The World’s Largest Aluminum Foil Ball”

"(The) Perfect Family" & "Reprise" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"Progress" from “Utopia” 2010

"Ragbrai" from “Utopia” 2010, 2011

"Salzburg Nights" from “Rolf(e)”

"Six-On-Six" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"Slow" from “The World’s Largest Aluminum Foil Ball”

"Smelling Like A Rose" from “Outside The Box”

"Step Aside" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"Stick To The Point" from “Outside The Box”

"Teaching Tom Osborne" & Reprise from “The World’s Largest Aluminum Foil Ball”

"Terry B" from “Utopia” 2010

"(The) Tough Question Sidestep" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"Truly Disgusting Things" from “Rolf(e)”

"Twenty-Four Hours To Fill, Parts 1, 2 & 3" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"Utopia 2010, Part 1" from “Utopia” 2010

"Utopia 2010, Part 2" from “Utopia” 2010

"Utopia 2011, Part 1" from “Utopia” 2011

"Utopia 2011, Part 2" from “Utopia” 2011

"Utopia Opening Number" from “Utopia” 2015

"What Are We Gonna Do About Rolf(e)?" from “Rolf(e)”

"What I Want" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"What Would He Do?" from “The World’s Largest Aluminum Foil Ball”

"What's Mine Is Yours" from “Outside The Box”

"What's My Peanut?" from “Trice”

"When My Number Comes Up" from “Outside The Box”

"Why Not Me?" from “Trice”

"(The) Will Of The People" from “Caucus! The Musical”

"With The Ball In My Hands" from “Six-On-Six: The Musical” 

"(The) World's Largest Aluminum Foil Ball" from “The World’s Largest Aluminum Foil Ball”

"You Best Save An Hour For Me" from “Outside The Box”

Stand-Alone Songs

​"(The) Age I Am Within"

"Beyond Me"

"Blow You Away"

"Captive" (theme song from "My Dinner With Andrew")

"Cry" with Rick Bassett

"Forty-Nine Percent In Love"

"Hot Dish" with Rick Bassett

"Look Into Your Heart" with David Shenton

"Lucky" with Michael Mott

"Memories of Christmas Past" with David Shenton

"More Time With You"

"Moving At The Speed Of Dark"

"I Wanna Be A Nat Geo Girl"

"It's A Great Night To Be Homeless"

"It's All Been Said Before"

"It's You, Not Me"

"Leave Them Wanting More"

"Let's Grow Young Together"

"The Life I Could've Lived"

"No More Me"

"Off The Grid" with Ben Boecker


"Santa Was In The Towers That Day"

"Santa's 21 Conditions" 

"(The) Signs Were All There"

"Since You Went Home For Christmas"

"(The) Sixteenth Minute Of Fame"

"Standing O"

"Take Your Bow"

"Too Me For Too Long"

"Welcome To The Middle Ages"

"What I Want"

"When Everything Was Big" with Adam Sakiyama

"You're The One I Settled For"

"You've Got Family Here" with Justin Friello

Parody Songs

"And I Am Telling You (It's Slow Goin')" from "Utopia" 2018

"Alone Again, Congressionally" from "Utopia" 2015

​"Bread Bags" from "Utopia" 2015

"Bud Light" from "Utopia" 2010, 2011, 2015

"Canvassing" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"Catch Des Moines" from "Utopia" 2015

"(The) Clone Song" from "Utopia" 2010, 2011, 2015

"Dairy Queen" from "Utopia" 2015

"Dental Hygienist" from "Utopia" 2015

"Done" from "Utopia" 2015

"DSM International Airport" from "Utopia" 2018

"Four-H Girl" from "Utopia" 2015

"For The Time Is Now" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"Front Porch" from "Utopia" 2015

"Fund The Arts" for Iowa Arts Advocacy Day

"Good Morning, Iowa!" from "Utopia" 2018

"(A) Hawk Like That" from "Utopia" 2010, 2011, 2015

"(A) Hawkeye" from "Utopia" 2010, 2011, 2015

"(The) Hawkeyes And The Cyclones" from "Utopia" 2018

"He Has No Future" from "Utopia" 2018

"Helen's Got A Gun" from "Utopia" 2015

"Hello, Ames!" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"I Can Beat That" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"I Hope I Win It" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"I'll Be Back" from "Utopia" 2018

"In The White House" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"Jello" from "Utopia" 2018

"Loebsacks' Lament" from "Utopia" 2015 

"(A) Mower" from "Utopia" 2015

"My Name Is" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"One" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"People" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"Pissed!" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"Pocahontas" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"(The) Red State Blues" from "Utopia" 2015

"Rain" from "Utopia" 2015

"Raygun" from "Utopia" 2018

"(The) Resistance" from "Utopia" 2018

"Reynold's Rap" from "Utopia" 2018

"Rootworms" from "Utopia" 2018

"Skywalkers" from "Utopia" 2011, 2015

"(A) State School In Iowa" from "Utopia" 2018

"Stay For The Infidelity" from "Utopia" 2018

"Suburbia (Medley of 11 Songs)" from "Utopia" 2018

"Tweets That Are Mine" from "Utopia" 2015

"Utopia Opening Number" from "Utopia" 2015

"(The) Vander Plotz" from "Utopia" 2011

"We Both Hate The Huskers" from "Utopia" 2011, 2015

"We Need Another Hay Bale" from "Utopia" 2015

"Welcome To Utopia" from "Utopia" 2018

"We've Never Had A Team Ranked So High" from "Utopia" 2015

"Whatever Lolo Wants" from "Utopia" 2015

"When I'm The Prez" from "Utopia" 2015

"(The) Whitest State Around" from "Utopia" 2018

"Wisconsin & Ohio" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"Wow" from "Adore Us! Line" 2020

"You And I At UNI" from "Utopia" 2010, 2011, 2015

"You Don't Like My Coaching Anymore" from "Utopia" 2011, 2015

"You're Gonna Die!" from "Utopia" 2018