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FULL-LENGTH STAGE MUSICAL COMEDY - book, music and lyrics by RJF.  "Six-On-Six" is a musical comedy that celebrates the rich tradition of six-on-six girls' high school basketball in Iowa - its glorious history, unique rules, phenomenal popularity, colorful personalities, and the Title IX legal controversy that ultimately resulted in the game's demise.  Proponents of six-on-six are the fans of the game, including the athletic union members who govern the sport and the lawyer they hire to represent their case.  Opposed to the game are the detractors, including an outspoken mother, her teen daughter, and the lawyer they hire to represent their case. Intertwined with the main story are several subplots, including: the media attention surrounding a high school standout and her opportunity to break a national scoring record; the tension that develops between the two lawyers who represent opposite sides of the controversy; the pressure the mother places on her daughter to succeed; and the simplicity and sweetness of young love.   


NEW!  Licensing is now available for community theatre and high school productions in the 2024-25 year!  Since its first production at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge in 2005, dozens of performances have been presented by community theatres and educational institutions throughout Iowa with an average of more than 500 people attending each performance.  The musical is ideal for community theatres and high schools, as it features numerous high school-aged characters and opportunities for a large number of participants.  And it has great appeal to audiences, especially those in communities with a rich tradition of six-on-six. Licensing package includes digital scripts and digital orchestral scores and vocal parts; costume rentals and other services are also available.  It's the perfect show to educate today's students about Iowa's history.  To inquire about production rights, email

BONUS as of March 2024: If you are interested in presenting the show, the following costumes from previous productions will be given to you free of charge:

Edmund jerseys - 9

Edmund shorts - 11

Edmund warmup jackets - 2

Edmund warmup pants - 2

Edmund cheerleader sweaters - 5

Edmund cheerleader skirts - 5

Hawks jerseys - 6

Hawks shorts - 6

Vintage tops and skirts - 6

Misc practice jerseys, shirts - 10+ sets

Referee shirts - 4

Misc fan attire 

IGHSAU red blazers -  6

Misc pageant tops and dance pants - 6+ sets

Costume Character - Pilgrim (Vermont)

Costume Character - Cowboy (Wyoming)

Costume Character - Apple (Washington)

Costume Character - Cheese (Wisconsin)

Costume Character - Corn (Iowa)

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