About the Show

"The Casserole Brigade" by Robert John Ford


Suddenly finding themselves single again in the unfamiliar era of online dating, four inventive widows develop a decidedly old-school method to meet potential new partners. One of the widows pays a visit to a man she had a crush on more than 60 years earlier, and as they begin to rekindle their friendship, their traditional views on relationships are turned upside down.  A series of revelations and unexpected visitors help them look at life and love in a new light.

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Upcoming Productions

There are no upcoming productions currently scheduled.

Previous Productions

2011 - StageWest Theatre Company, Des Moines, IA - reading (1 performance)

2007 - Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Valdez, AK - reading (1 performance)

2007 - Gayfest NYC, New York, NY - staged reading (3 performances) 

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2007 - Gayfest NYC, New York, NY - Winning Play

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